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The Best Sweet Boozy Treats for Summer in the City of Angels

by L.A. Creamery June 16, 2014 Press 0 Comments

The Viceroy Santa Monica & L.A. Creamery’s Alcoholic Artisan Ice Cream Beginning July 1, Viceroy Santa Monica and L.A. Creamery will partner to bring artisanal, all-natural spirits-infused ice cream creations to guests lounging poolside. The partnership is the result of collaboration between L.A. Creamery’s Adam Fleischman, the Founder/Chairman of Umami Restaurant Group, Viceroy Santa Monica’s award-winning mixologist Gary Cahill and CAST Restaurant’s executive chef Tony DiSalvo.Two limited-edition flavors will be available in just a few short weeks: the Viceroy Manhattan, made with brown butter toffee and Bulleit Rye ice cream topped with maraschino cherries; and Viceroy Absinthe Green, featuring absinth and fresh squeezed lime ice cream.

Viceroy Santa Monica, 1819 Ocean Ave, Santa Monica 


Chatsworth Sweets Expert Releasing Rosh Hashanah Ice Cream

by L.A. Creamery August 27, 2013 Press 0 Comments

Posted by Arin Mikailian

Local ice cream maker Adam Fleischman is continuing his line of Jewish holiday-inspired flavors by releasing Limited Edition Rosh Hashanah Ice Cream at the end of August, according to Enhanced Online News.

Fleischman’s Chatsworth-based company, L.A. Creamery Artisan Ice Cream, will ship only 50 cases of the cinnamon ice cream with date swirl, caramelized apples and walnut streusel to eight Southland Bristol Farms locations. Each pint will go for $6.99.

Participating stores include the following locations: Beverly Hills/West Hollywood, Santa Monica, Hollywood, South Pasadena, Westchester, Westwood, Manhattan Beach and Newport Beach.

Earlier this year, Fleischman released a chocolate matzoh flavor for Passover. When not churning out sweets, he also owns and operators the Umami Burger chain.

Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, begins on the evening of Sept. 4 and ends on the evening of Sept. 6.


Celebrate National Root Beer Float Day like a grown-up

by L.A. Creamery August 03, 2013 Press 0 Comments

By: Danika Fears

Absinthe Root Beer Float at Umami Burger in Anaheim, Calif.

Absinthe and root beer pair surprisingly well together — the licorice-y, bitter taste of absinthe is offset by the soda’s subtle sweetness and mellow herbal flavors. At Umami Burger in Anaheim, the restaurant pairs Abita Root Beer with L.A. Creamery’s absinthe ice cream for a more mature take on the traditional float. This version is particularly well-suited for the alcohol or absinthe-adverse among us, as it has a low alcohol content of 2 percent.

For those of you who don’t have access to L.A. Creamery’s eccentric ice cream flavors, simply mix three parts root beer, one part absinthe and vanilla ice cream for a similar, though slightly more alcoholic version of Umami’s float.


14 Milkshakes to Try Before You Die in Los Angeles

by L.A. Creamery July 15, 2013 Press 0 Comments

by Matthew Kang

It’s the middle of summer and the perfect time for a milkshake. While there are plenty of places to get them around town, below listed are a number of different or even boozy shakes that take the simple format to new heights. But, in the end, it’s hard to have a bad shake. Anything loaded with ice cream and mix-ins or toppings is going to be delicious, so dive into Eater’s guide to milkshakes in Los Angeles.

14 Milkshakes to Try Before You Die in Los Angeles


Tasty Tidbits: LA Creamery Umami Flavors, The Melt, Coffee Bean, Kings Fish House Lobster, Brats Brothers and More

by L.A. Creamery June 03, 2013 Press 0 Comments


Summer mail order gift idea! LA Creamery is now shipping their newest artisan flavors nationwide.  Adam Fleischman, the Founder/CEO of Umami Restaurant Group, partnered with this premium ice cream company co-owned by Stephen Bikoff and Brad Saltzman to create the latest round of frozen treats—Porc Phat made with Spanish Iberico lardo, Asian pears, hazelnuts and pure mint gel; Moonshine + Caramel Corn; Mezcal, made with Mezcal and orange liqueur and Gin + Juice.  The package, called Adam’s picks,  includes 6 pints and sells for $78  plus shipping (21 and older). Other online packages includes  Chocolate Lovers (6 pints sells for $48 plus shipping) which includes peanut butter chocolate, salted chocolate, milk chocolate crunch, chocolate hazelnut and chocolate ganache.  Another 6-pack include favorites such as salted caramel, honeycomb, brown butter pecan, pistachio, toasted coconut and Madagascar vanilla. All shipments are made to order and ship within typically two days from the time of the order.  To order a shipment, or if  you want to run and pick up a pint or two — or ten, check out the redesigned  new LA Creamery website .


U Mini: Umami Burger’s answer to fast food now open in Westwood

By Jessica Gelt

Umami Burger’s Adam Fleischman seems intent on dominating the world of meat patties. With 14 Umami Burger locations currently open and several planned for New York and beyond, Fleischman is unveiling his newest concept: U Mini in Westwood.

Open since Wednesday at noon, U Mini is Fleischman’s answer to fast food (his people are referring to it as “fast-casual”). Despite its diminutive name, U Mini dreams big. If all goes as planned, the idea is to roll out dozens across the country.

U Mini’s secret sauce (so to speak) is its use of proprietary technology that allows customers to order via tablets and smartphone apps. This enables the diner to customize his or her order and track the progress of the food from the grill to the counter. The idea is that a person could arrive at the restaurant at the exact moment the order is ready to be picked up.

“Why wait in line?” asks Jason Berkowitz, vice president of restaurant operations for Umami Restaurant Group. “We’re mixing technology with hospitality — there’s still a human touch with people clearing your table, refilling your soda, checking on you.”

U Mini burgers feature Umami flavor but they aren’t the same burgers available at Umami. Corporate chef John Herndon has created four signature 5-ounce burgers for the new would-be chain, as well as two types of fries.

All the meat is ground in house and the fries are cut fresh, daily. The burgers are mashed before they’re cooked — a process meant to trap the fatty juices and flavor — and topped with housemade cheese (if you wish). Bread-and-butter pickles add a sweet touch, and the Portuguese-style buns are toasted.

The Umami fries are dusted with parmesan and herbs, and the result is weirdly addictive. (They even come with little packets of Umami ketchup.)

“Adam wanted 1/4-inch thin fries, but done in a thicker-cut style,” says Herndon of the fries, which are cooked three times. “So there’s a crunchy outside shell and a creamy inside, like tomato soup.”

There are also two shakes on the menu, both made with L.A. Creamery ice cream. The salted caramel is of particular note (and just as addictive as the fries), but you would do well not to inquire into the calorie count of a cup of it.

The price point is on the affordable side: You can get out of the restaurant with a burger, soda and fries for under $10.

Eventually the restaurant hopes to keep late-night hours so you can order a burger from your phone after last call at a bar and be there to pick it up hot and fresh just after 2 a.m.


Umami’s Test Kitchen, U Mini, Opens in Westwood

Westwood gets its very own Umami Burger on Wednesday (Nov. 14), but it’s called U Mini, a pared down concept that serves as both a take-out spot, as well as a testing ground for new service technologies and burger recipes. Bonus: The burgers are a bit less expensive – between $5.50 and $6 – because they’re a bit smaller (five ounces instead of six). The “Kids Burger” sounds like a classic McDondald’s cheeseburger with it’s minced onions, pickled and American cheese, except that Umami makes its American cheese. So it’s an adult version of a kids burger. There are also fries dusted with parmesan, tomato, mushroom and herbs, and LA Creamery shakes exclusive to this location; right now it’s salted caramel with mik chocolate. Click through for the burger offerings for tomorrow’s opening. U Mini opens at noon (1131 Westwood Blvd.).

Dads Burger: savory onions, bread and butter squares, house American cheddar cheese

Moms Burger: crushed avocado, butter lettuce, savory onions, slow-roasted tomato, house American-Manchego cheese

Kids Burger: Bread and butter slices, minced onion, mustard, Umami ketchup, house American cheddar cheese

Veggie Burger: Shiitake veggie patty with crushed avocado, slow-roasted tomato, butter lettuce

Clean White and Black at Umami Burger in Pasadena

by L.A. Creamery October 18, 2012 Press 0 Comments

by Kat Odell

photo by: Elizabeth Daniels 10/12

Umami Burger in Pasadena was scheduled to open yesterday, but a few last minute delays have pushed the launch. As promised, Naga Naga Ramen in Old Town is transformed into the above pictured sleek, modern number bathed in white and black. Clean lines, suspended lighting fixtures, and an open kitchen define the space. At this location the signature burger is a Chicken Cordon Bleu creation, and like some other Umami outposts, here there’s a full bar plus cocktail menu. Ice cream (scoops, cones, takeaway pints) by LA Creamery.



Whiskey, absinthe, popcorn, lardo.

These ingredients might grace your plate or glass at Adam Fleischman’s Umamicatessen, where boozy drinks and brassy, pork-heavy cooking rule the roost.

As of last week, however, these ingredients are showing off their sweeter sides in various ice cream flavors made by L.A. Creamery. 

Since buying the company nearly three months ago, Fleischman has overseen the addition of a number of flavors that fit the Umami ethos of “more is more is more.” Liquor is featured in many of the pints ($9 each; takeout only), and we aren’t talking smooth booze flavors, the alcohol burned off; you have to be over 21 to buy these ice creams.

The Moonshine, peppered with caramel corn, is overly dominated by the booze’s heat. But L.A. Creamery’s take on Scoops’ Grape Nuts-studded Brown Brown Bread flavor is far more successful. Aptly named Boozy Breakfast, it’s spiked with coffee liqueur, which is sweeter and lower in alcohol than the moonshine and adds a nice, measured burn.  

Pork Phat is the most Umami-like of all, its name referring to the Ibérico pork lardo that flavors it. Accompanied by chunks of Asian pear and a touch of bracing mint, this is a surprisingly mellow flavor, but there’s an undeniable animal funk lurking behind the sweet façade.

Umamicatessen, 852 S. Broadway, Downtown; 213-413-8626 or


A Tasty Reason to Celebrate Rosh Hashanah—Even If You Weren’t Planning To

In a collaboration of biblical proportions, chef Joshua Drew of Farmshop, joins forces with LA Creamery, the ice cream company linked to Umami Burger’s Adam Fleischman. The duo brings awareness to the Jewish High Holy Days, and helps ice cream enthusiasts of all denominations usher in autumn flavors in honor of the Jewish New Year. Cinnamon ice cream spun with an organic date swirl, caramelized apples, and walnut strudel has us looking forward to hazy fall days spent inside with a cup of hot cider.

 This isn’t the ice cream dream team’s first frozen endeavor—their Passover Chocolate Matzoh Ice Cream sold out in one day, so don’t wait until Saturday to get yours.  Scoot on over to Farmshop at the Brentwood Country Mart in Santa Monica starting tomorrow, September 14th, to pick up a pint of the limited edition treat.

225 26th Street Ste. 25
Santa Monica, CA 90402