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Celebrate National Root Beer Float Day like a grown-up

by L.A. Creamery August 03, 2013 Press 0 Comments

By: Danika Fears

Absinthe Root Beer Float at Umami Burger in Anaheim, Calif.

Absinthe and root beer pair surprisingly well together — the licorice-y, bitter taste of absinthe is offset by the soda’s subtle sweetness and mellow herbal flavors. At Umami Burger in Anaheim, the restaurant pairs Abita Root Beer with L.A. Creamery’s absinthe ice cream for a more mature take on the traditional float. This version is particularly well-suited for the alcohol or absinthe-adverse among us, as it has a low alcohol content of 2 percent.

For those of you who don’t have access to L.A. Creamery’s eccentric ice cream flavors, simply mix three parts root beer, one part absinthe and vanilla ice cream for a similar, though slightly more alcoholic version of Umami’s float.