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Limited Edition Hatch Chile Ice Cream

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If you haven’t been made aware, let me just inform you that we are crazy for Hatch Chiles at Bristol Farms. So, it was a no-brainer when we were provided with an opportunity to partner with local ice cream artisans from L.A. Creamery to develop a Bristol Farms exclusive, limited edition Hatch Chile Ice Cream to offer our customers during Hatch Chile season. You may be skeptical, but I assure you – if you love Hatch Chiles, you will LOVE this ice cream. The flavor delivers the perfect peppery zing and smokiness from the chile, and finishes off with a zesty aftertaste. Those that shy away from spicy foods need not worry – the cream cuts any spice you would typically get from Hatch Chiles.

Our Hatch Chile ice cream is great enjoyed on its own, but we had the pleasure of enjoying a scoop sandwiched between two of our Hatch Chocolate Cherry Cookies from our Bakery. This was a winner! This ultimate Hatch Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich is a must try.

These ice creams were made in small artisan batches exclusively for Bristol Farms and will only be around until they sell out. So, starting August 22nd, grab them while you can! Let us know how you enjoy it.

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