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Umami’s Test Kitchen, U Mini, Opens in Westwood

Westwood gets its very own Umami Burger on Wednesday (Nov. 14), but it’s called U Mini, a pared down concept that serves as both a take-out spot, as well as a testing ground for new service technologies and burger recipes. Bonus: The burgers are a bit less expensive – between $5.50 and $6 – because they’re a bit smaller (five ounces instead of six). The “Kids Burger” sounds like a classic McDondald’s cheeseburger with it’s minced onions, pickled and American cheese, except that Umami makes its American cheese. So it’s an adult version of a kids burger. There are also fries dusted with parmesan, tomato, mushroom and herbs, and LA Creamery shakes exclusive to this location; right now it’s salted caramel with mik chocolate. Click through for the burger offerings for tomorrow’s opening. U Mini opens at noon (1131 Westwood Blvd.).

Dads Burger: savory onions, bread and butter squares, house American cheddar cheese

Moms Burger: crushed avocado, butter lettuce, savory onions, slow-roasted tomato, house American-Manchego cheese

Kids Burger: Bread and butter slices, minced onion, mustard, Umami ketchup, house American cheddar cheese

Veggie Burger: Shiitake veggie patty with crushed avocado, slow-roasted tomato, butter lettuce