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L.A. Creamery is currently donating a portion of the proceeds from the sales of Burbank Blackberry Crumble to BCR “A Place to Grow”!

Operating in Burbank since 1963, BCR ”A Place to Grow” serves individuals with autism, cerebral palsy, down syndrome, epilepsy, brain disorders, cognitive disorders and other disabilities.  BCR provides day activities, extended day programs and monthly dances for its participants. BCR ”A Place to Grow” strives to provide skill-building and training services which will enable their program participants to become increasingly self-reliant, well-integrated and contributing members of their families and communities. BCR achieves this goal through focusing on social skills, mobility training, community resources, and cooking.  BCR ”A Place to Grow” provides the only program in Burbank serving both children and adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities. L.A. Creamery is proud to support BCR “A Place to Grow” in its efforts to provide quality program services for children and adults with developmental/intellectual disabilities that will enable them to achieve their individual potentials.  To learn about the good things that BCR is doing for the citizens of Burbank and surrounding communities, check out:

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