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L.A. Creamery is currently donating a portion of the proceeds from the sales of Chinatown Chocolate Fortune Cookie to Chinatown Service Center!

Located in Chinatown, Chinatown Service Center (CSC) is an established community-based Chinese-American health and human service organization, having provided services to the community for over 48 years. CSC emerged from the realization that Chinese immigrants who did not speak English often remained isolated, with no resources to meet their health and welfare needs. To this end, CSC has developed a range of services, including social services, health services, and economic development services in a number of Chinese dialects and other languages, as well as youth services including academic mentoring and pre-employment workshops. CSC provides its comprehensive services through over 80,000 visits on an annual basis and aims to better the lives of Chinese immigrants in our community and throughout the United States. CSC has expanded its services to encompass not only the needs of recent immigrants, but all those who could benefit from the organization’s resources.  L.A. Creamery is proud to support CSC as it works to enrich the experience of Chinese Americans in our community. To learn about the good things that CSC is doing for the citizens of Chinatown and surrounding communities, check out:

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