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L.A. Creamery is currently donating a portion of the proceeds from the sales of Leimert Park Lemon Meringue Pie to The RightWay Foundation in Leimert Park.

Located in Leimert Park, The RightWay Foundation works toward their mission of building a prosperous future with the right foundation one foster youth at a time, by helping current and emancipated foster youth achieve financial independence and make a safe, supported transition into adulthood.  Their revolutionary Operation Emancipation program combines mental health services, job readiness and financial literacy training, and is designed to promote self-sufficiency during the transition out of the foster care system.  Services offered include one-on-one therapy, assistance with housing, customized career and academic counseling, assistance with financial aid for education, and job placement, all facilitated through qualified and inspirational leaders.  In addition to their focus on individuals, The RightWay Foundation also provides specialized training for employers of foster youth to educate them on the challenges a ‘typical’ transitioning foster youth is facing and how an employer can best support them, which in turn helps those employers achieve a lower turnover rate and provide a welcoming environment for the foster youth that they employ.  To learn more about the good things that The RightWay Foundation is doing for the youth of Leimert Park and surrounding communities, check out:

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